When does the 10 days for the equipment rental start?

The 10 days start when you order your equipment and ends when we receive the equipment back to our facility. If there was a delay in you receiving the equipment due to shipping, contact us and we will extend the rental by those number of days.

I returned my equipment and my card keeps getting charged?

This happens for one of two reasons, either your name was not legible on the return package or no name or we are unable to find your account in PayPal. In this situation please contact us with the name of the card that is getting charged and the date your tracking number says we received … Read more

Can I get an extension on my equipment rental?

Please understand that the longer the equipment is held by one student, others are not able to rent it.  In an attempt to service as many as possible, we only offer equipment rental extensions due to extenuating circumstances, such as a delay in the mail, and can’t be offered to accommodate your personal schedule. When … Read more

Do I need to rent equipment for the course?

You do need equipment to take the virtual skills portion of the class from your home or office. You do not have to rent equipment from Fragile Heart CPR. You can borrow equipment or order the CPR ANYTIME kit from the AHA for $38.50 + tax and S&H, either way you should receive the equipment … Read more

I didn’t receive my card or my name is misspelled on my card.

If your name is misspelled DO NOT CLAIM YOUR CARD, but contact your instructor and it can be corrected. If you claim the card, there is a $10 fee for a replacement card. If you didn’t receive your card, contact your instructor  and leave your information and phone number.

Will this be accepted by my school or job? Is this an online course?

Yes, this Should be accepted by any organization or business that requires you to have an AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION BASIC LIFE SUPPORT CERTIFICATION CARD. Many times you are told that your job or school doesn’t accept online courses. Please understand this is a blended learning course, not an ONLINE COURSE. This is considered an instructor-led … Read more