Cancellations, Refunds and Replacement Cards, Late fees.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are taking the correct course and that your certification card will be accepted by your school or place of employment. If you enroll in the blended course offered thru American CPR Connection, you will receive an AHA BLS card identical to the one issued for in-person classes. The cards are no different and do not have ‘ONLINE COURSE’ on them. They are accepted everywhere AHA BLS certification cards are required. 



For online and remote blended courses, there is no actual in-person class attendance. 

If you are taking the theory portion thru our learning management system, You have 3  days to complete the online portion. If your course expires after 3 days there is a $25 fee to be re-enrolled. . There is a 90 day time limit on the remote session. 


All sales are final. There are no refunds once  the class has been ordered  There are NO REFUNDS for the equipment once the equipment has been ordered. 

There is no refund given because your school of job won’t accept your certification card, unless particular arrangements have been made by the company administrator.


Replacement cards are available thru the American Heart Association website free of charge. The website address is:\cpr\mycards

When issued a certification card thru American CPR Connection you are instructed NOT TO CLAIM THE CARD until you check it for accuracy. If there are errors, they can be corrected free of charge by contacting us at (833) 228-5580. YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO EDIT OR CORRECT ERRORS YOURSELF. Once you claim the card no corrections can be made.

Once you claim the card you have accepted it as being accurate. If there are errors, and you have claimed the card, there is a $10 card replacement fee. A new card will be issued to you after payment of the fee. 


The equipment rental is for 10 days. The rental period begins the day you order the class and ends when we receive the equipment back into our facility.  There is an $8 per day late fee for equipment kept past the 10 days. You will be charged $80 the first late day for the next 10 days.    If equipment is kept longer late fees will be assessed to a maximum fee of $345.  The equipment still needs to be returned even if you are charged the maximum late fee. 

If you have any other concerns please contact us at (833) 228-5580